"Venite Videte Vincant extension of the great saying Veni Vidi Vici."
We come, We See, We win your hearts with our solutions.


Our mission is to generate the most number of real millionaires, real meaning health and wealth in the world.


Learn the Right things.
Earn the Right way.
While providing ROI to the organization.
To grow Holistically.



Datalicious involves data extraction, cleaning and filteration to decipher meaningful information and apply towards mapping processes and/or to develop new products and/or to enhance human capital.


It's process mapping - Understanding the process and trying to offer solutions to improve the process.


Productastic revolves around the utilization of data, knowledge, information to conceptuallize, develop and implement user friendly products.


Trainucate revolves around training and educating the organization to equip the talent force with relevant skill set, thus helping them navigate within and outside the organization.


An upbeat organization with focus towards provision of socially responsible integration (SRI^5) revolving around investment solutions, insights, initiatives, innovations and/or individuals to our clients, either through services &/or products in diverse areas such as, data analytics, healthcare, energy management, organizational/educational leadership to name a few.

We utilize a hybrid approach merging top-down systems thinking with bottom-up design thinking.

We bring in proven experience, and know-how in diverse areas with our founder, Dr. Srikanth S. Kidambi, leading from the front, without much aversion to being a follower when the time had call for one in the past.

We unite divergent and convergent thinking at varying levels to offer timely and relevant solutions depending on the nature, and the type of problem.

We visualize, plan, & develop products & portfolios involving disruptive, platform, and incremental product-lines.

We offer deep experience in process mining, mapping, and improvements across various areas, while giving opportunity to our 3C's to explore into new boundaries.


This Wright (homophone for the word, "Right") poem is about two inventors, who were bounded by humanity rather than countries, and through their creativity brought a new industry to limelight.

Though there were others who might have initiated and developed the early flying means, these two brothers persisted addressing issues from various angles not confined to fixing the wing technology, but also through understanding the art of flying.

Moreover, they also worked on improving the complete engineering system to enable building a smooth flying machine.


Wright brothers on first flight,
Got their idea from a flying kite
Wright brothers went through various fights,
But, never lost sight of the flight
Wright brothers missed out many bites,
To focus on their flights
Wright bros worked day and night,
For their spirited delight
Wright bros never became a knight,
But, were right about their hindsight flight
Wright bros sat tight on many sleepless nights,
And might have got the support of spiritual sprite
(Sprite here means Fairy, not the drink)
Wright bros 49th attempt flight, reached only 4080 feet height,
But, that offered a ray of light
Wright bros did not think about their color white,
Rather, focused more on their dream flight
Wright bros were laughed at for their plight on many nights,
But, never gave up hope on their sight
Wright bros work was not a sleight,
But, a true spirit of mighty mite
Wright bros insight came to spotlight,
But, they never lost their polite
Wright bros were right on the flight,
To bring aerospace to daylight
Wright bros proved their foresight on flight was right,
To ignite hope to human might
Support those who ignite the mighty mite of human race, and the planet, In a way, that is right